anti microbial composite decking black


anti microbial composite decking black

Roofing product including recycled roofing material 2 includes an illustration of a particle size distribution of conventional limestone filler within an asphalt coating as measured by a Coulter counter, and FIG. 3 includes an illustration of a particle ... The membrane-type roofing product may be applied directly to a roof deck as a base sheet or an underlayment. In this particular..

Patent US7998571 - Composite cement article incorporating a . Aug 16, Disclosed herein are methods of use of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) to modulate microbial activity, such as to enhance or inhibit the activity of microorganisms. . In other embodiments, as compared with the undesirable side effects produced reagents, MSM can achieve the same anti-microbial activity

Patent WO [0017] Another approach is to express insecticidal toxins, such as those from bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis (Bacillus thuringiensis) toxin protein .. The composite is a hollow sphere, which consists of a block copolymer having a mechanically stable vesicle membrane and acts as a selective door..

Patent US8603239 - Fiber cement building materials with low . Dec 10, 2013 . 515151), metal fibers, glass fibers and other natural and synthetic fibers. .. US3748100, Apr 26, 1971, Jul 24, 1973, Phillips Petroleum Co, Carbon black apparatus ... US4766113, Apr 22, 1986, Aug 23, 1988, Chapman Chemical Company, Antimicrobial compositions and methods of using same

Patent WO2004092283A2 - Antimicrobial pigments - Google Patents Antimicrobial pigments according to claim 4, characterized in that the substrates are selected from the group of natural or synthetic mica, Si02, Ti02, BiOCI, .. Inorganic pigments in this sense comprise (according to DIN 55944) inorganic white pigments, inorganic coloured pigments, inorganic black pigments such as for..

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