tongue groove composite wood grain


tongue groove composite wood grain

Patent US8389056 - Decorative engineered bamboo products and . Mar 5, 2013 . Numerous previous patents disclose methods, and products made by such methods, for creating decorative wood products that feature wood grain. .. and a quarter inch sticks or blanks and can be machined so that they can be interconnected by means of a tongue and groove, as is known in the industry

Floor Joist Spans for Home Building Projects | Today's Homeowner Even within the same species there is considerable variation in strength depending on the growing conditions of the tree. The lumber from slow growing trees, which have more end grain growth rings per inch, is much stronger and denser than faster growing trees of the same species. The strength of common wood species..

DIY Emerson Dresser How To Build | A Lesson Learned Dec 13, 2017 . When building my Kendal Extra Wide Dresser, I was also simultaneously building another smaller Emerson 3 drawer dresser. This classic dresser style is so versatile and can be used in just about any setting for either children or adults and is a great project for someone just getting into woodworking with..

Patent US20040007656 - Reusable modular composite panel form . Jan 15, 2004 . A reusable building foundation system assembled from a plurality of modular composite panels forming the outside and inside containment barriers for a form fill concrete . The top mad bottom edges have mating male and female cormectors, and the side edges have tongue mad groove connectors

Patent US4835928 - Composite wall construction - Google Patents Jun 6, 1989 . 1,620,834) discloses a composite wall utilizing inside and outside panels which are formed with an angular tongue and groove peripheral edge. .. Thus, the outside panels 14 can have an exposed aggregate type finish, a finish resembling wood-grain, or it can have bricks or tiles inset within the outer..

Patent US6202789 - Composite scaffolding plank including natural . A composite scaffolding plank made from a plurality of wooden boards positioned in side to side parallel abutment. At least . Natural board 21 is not artificially manufactured and includes natural wood grains (i.e. aligned wood fibers that, in a piece of wood, rise to the surface in a particular direction) wholly thereturough

Patent US20100132296 - Siding containing composite building . Jun 3, 2010 . The material disclosed by the '532 patent is a wood-thermoplastic composite material generally having 35-60 wt % polyethylene matrix incorporating 65-40 wt % wood component. .. A tongue-and-groove end match may be provided and the butts firmly joined and sealed using a vinyl adhesive. Also, the..

Patent US7446250 - Stave construction method of drum . - Google Nov 4, 2008 . A percussion instrument, comprising a plurality of wood blocks or staves interlocked to each other through tongue and groove joints, such that the . One of the most valuable qualities of a stave drum shell comes from the vertical grain bearing edges which conduct vibration and resonance and sound..

Patent US3474697 - Guitar construction - Google Patents 7-10, it is preferably made from laminated wood, which gives it great strength and generally enhances the appearance of the instrument. At its lower end the neck has an extending p

Patent US8316594 - Stair tread assembly and method - Google . Nov 27, 2012 . The edge members and core are mated at tongue and groove joints. The bullnose has a greater depth of section than the core. The core is a multi-ply matrix with veneer surface skins of the same grain orientation and type of wood. The multiple plies are arranged such that successive layers have cross-wise..

Patent US3283386 - Casket formed from composite plastic layers . Il /always United States Patent O 3,283,386 CASKET FORMED FROM COMPOSITE PLASTIC LAYERS Louis F. Cenegy, Downey, Calif., assignor to Hitco, a corporation of ... In this manner, a tongue and groove assembly is formed in which a lid may be placed securely upon a tub either with or without sealing, as preferred

Patent US6682814 - Fiber-polymeric composite siding unit and . Jan 27, 2004 . Each siding unit is interconnected to adjacent siding units with a tongue and groove mechanism. . (a) a siding profile made of a composite material including a thermoplastic polymer and a wood fiber, said composite material having a Young's modulus of at least 600,000 psi and a coefficient of thermal..

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