attach composite decking locking


attach composite decking locking

Deck Building - A Concord Carpenter The most common method is to install 陆 lags with washers or carriage bolts with washers.A 陆 x 4 lag bolt is rated to provide 180 lbs support of allowable shear load per screw.Many types of structural screws [Timber Lock and Ledger Lock] are also available from various fastener manufacturers. The BEST, and my..

Deckorators New Dexerdry Weatherproofing System - A Concord . Deckorators, a brand of the Universal Forest Products, Inc. family of companies and the leading brand in composite decking, railings, balusters, post caps and more, has introduced the product at DeckExpo 2016 in Baltimore. Deckorators Dexerdry is a simple, easy-to-install weatherproofing system that enables deck..

Patent US8375661 - Composite metal deck and concrete floor . Feb 19, 2013 . The deck pan assembly of claim 1 wherein the connecting structure includes a self-locking portion that locks into the elongated stiffening connector. . A deck pan assembly having multiple gauge metal components for receiving concrete and wherein the deck assembly and concrete form a composite deck..

Deckgate (Literally, How To Make A Deck Gate) | Young House Love Apr 28, 2014 . With the gate constructed, we just needed hardware to attach it. Home Depot sold this $15 kit that included two T-hinges and a latch, so I grabbed two of them. I had read in my research that a hinge should stretch about 1/5th the length of your gate. So these 8 ones were just about perfect for our project

Patent US4972537 - Orthogonally composite prefabricated structural . Nov 27, 1990 . Liquid grout is then pressure forced into locking holes which hardens to produce a rigid composite structure consisting of the panels and girders. . reinforcing mesh securely attached to said rectangular frame and to said structural members with sufficient stiffness to act with a concrete topping as an integral..

Patent US6402415 - Anchoring biscuit device - Google Patents Jun 11, 2002 . The anchoring biscuit device of claim 1 wherein said attachment orifice is at least one screwhole located on said top element for screwing of said anchoring .. In the assembled position, the holding projection & abuts against one or two gripping surfaces of the locking element which gripping surfaces are of,..

Patent US7998571 - Composite cement article incorporating a . Aug 16, 2011 . One method of manufacturing the cementitious composite article includes first applying a sealer coating to a surface of a fiber cement substrate, . To manage the detrimental effects of exposure and handling, it is known to protect FRC products with coatings or laminates or to attach protective means such

Patent US6568139 - Bridge structure with concrete deck having . May 27, 2003 . The concrete topping 55 extends to a greater depth over the support beams 22 where it is locked by the laterally extending slab reinforcement bars 52 and by the beam anchors or loops 30. Deck reinforcement bars (not shown) are placed over the precast slabs 44 before pouring the concrete topping 55..

Patent US7143555 - Hybrid precast concrete and metal deck floor . Dec 5, 2006 . In one implementation of the present invention, corrugated metal deck panels are attached to concrete structural beams to form a precast panel. . The formed lugs in the upper edge of the beams may form a composite with the poured-in-place slab to allow for a thinner overall floor system. The corrugated..

Patent US20090188192 - Composite joist floor system - Google . Jul 30, 2009 . The composite floor system of claim 1 , wherein the decking comprises corrugated steel decking, the corrugations of the corrugated steel decking defining a ... 25 illustrates a stand-off screw used to attach a joist shoe to the supporting wall in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention;. [0045]

I Know What I Did This Summer: Put Down Seven trust Decking . Aug 18, 2014 . These were the first boards to go down we screwed them in as there was no way to attach clips. I sat, kicked in the boards, and then drilled these clips in - but. I sat, kicked in the boards, and then drilled these clips in but my wife was able to go MUCH faster by using her hands to lock the boards in and..

Patent US7122117 - Self-cleaning composite deck drain - Google . Oct 17, 2006 . A self-cleaning composite deck drain apparatus which includes a removable top part having a top grating surface for receiving waste liquid and a trap for . Circumferentially spaced locking tabs are affixed to the edge of the top part below the grating surface thereof for reception within tab receivers in the..

Patent US7603814 - Decking system hanger - Google Patents Oct 20, 2009 . A hanger for attaching a load-bearing object to a rib includes a gripper having a gripper body, the gripper body having a plurality of tabs depending therefrom; a cradle having a cradle body . A hanger as claimed in claim 1 , further comprising a lock member coacting with the stop to prevent rotation thereof

Patent US7765756 - Low noise roof deck system - Google Patents Aug 3, 2010 . The system is easily installed over a system of conventional underlying supports to provide a strong, rigid deck for supporting a waterproof composite . Steel decking is generally available in the form of corrugated or ribbed panels or sheets that are usually attached to steel framing members by welding

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