watertight wood composite floor


watertight wood composite floor

Patent WO2007054110A1 - Construction kit for a temporary and/or . 18 mai 2007 . The construction kit for a temporary and/or disassemblable dwelling, comprising a floor 1 of polygonal shape on which a geodesic dome 2 is mounted, . may in particular of laminated wood, the cross wood, composite polymer material such as polyethylene reinforced with fibers, synthetic fiber (Kevlar ,..

How to Install a Patio Door - One Project Closer Mar 27, 2012 . Today's article shares how to install a new patio door, including the steps necessary to waterproof and level the door. If you'd like to . Step 4: Level and Seal the Floor . The difficulty in leveling the concrete is that shims are not water-resistant, and they can potentially compromise the waterproof barrier

Build a BIG Outdoor Storage Bench | Home Repair Tutor Attach the 1 x 4 to the plywood using 2 inch outdoor wood screws. Now you can do the same .. I have a laminate wood floor project that I will be doing in a week or two and for that I am looking to rent/ buy a circular saw. Reply ... You could even paint or stain this storage chest to make it fancier or waterproof. Thanks. Reply

Patent US8153910 - Junction and outlet boxes for in floor wiring . Apr 10, 2012 . A utility floor box includes a body having a horizontal base, first and second longitudinally extending side walls extending from first and second opposed edges of the horizontal base, and . The floor structure may be wood, concrete, or panels supported by pedestals, commonly known as access flooring

Patent US20080010527 - Method of solving BIST failure of CPU by . Jan 10, 2008 . The present invention is to provide a method of solving BIST (Build-in Self Test) failure of CPU (Central Process Unit) by means of BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) and maximizing system performance, which includes the steps of setting a flag representing each of the available CPUs in an MPS..

Wooden Bathtubs for Modern Interior Design and Luxury Bathrooms If the idea of a white plastic bathtub seems a bit predictable, interior wooden bathtubs take modern bathrooms to a whole new level of luxury with exotic w. . their Seattle studio and offer beautiful curves and a luxury look. Made from exotic hardwoods, they're finished with a clear composite barrier for durability and longevity

Patent WO2010120198A1 - Electrodes for electrolysis of water . Oct 21, 2010 . In summary the specification will describe the preferred composite electrode made of concrete with a condu

Patent US6321491 - Bulkhead door seal - Google Patents Nov 27, 2001 . The invention relates generally to watertight and airtight seals and, more particularly, to a sealing device for use at the interface of a bulkhead door assembly and . The resulting problems include mold, mildew, and decay of the insulation and wood framing, as well as rust deterioration to the bulkhead door..

Patent US20140230140 - Waterproof base with composite shower . Aug 21, 2014 . A tile-ready shower base system including a composite curb, and methods of manufacturing and installing the same. . The present invention relates generally to waterproof bases, curbs and shower pan inserts or drainage floor assemblies for shower stalls and the like, and more particularly to pre-made..

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