cheap composite wall panels molding


cheap composite wall panels molding

Patent US4669240 - Precast reinforced concrete wall panels and . Jun 2, 1987 . A precast panel for a building comprises a pair of molded concrete inner and outer panel elements with a steel wire mesh embedded throughout each panel . panel derives its bearing capacity for compression and/or bending from the individual capacities of the different section elements and the composite..

Patent US20140054528 - Quasi-wall composite panel fencing . Feb 27, 2014 . This invention relates to a modular fencing system composed of panels affixed to modular composite columns mounted onto base footings and encased with preformed laminate fa莽ades with . Molded laminate made of a thin segmented sandwich core board encapsulated with fiber-reinforced polymer; and

Patent US4835928 - Composite wall construction - Google Patents Jun 6, 1989 . The present invention concerns a composite wall structure formed of molded inner or outer wall panels or both secured together as a unit by cross tie brackets which hold the panels in proper aligned position incorporating a pre-plumb structure support member. The panels are stacked on one or both sides..

Patent US8590264 - Structural building panels with multi-laminate . Nov 26, 2013 . In another embodiment of the present invention, molded fiberglass is used in the modular wall panels; molded composites provide inexpensive, stronger and less thermally conductive panels, and thereby provide improved energy efficiency and overall improved modular panel. Also, further composite..

Patent US8635828 - Composite insulating building panel and . Jan 28, 2014 . The cladding assembly of claim 1 , wherein said frame element comprises an eave strut at a transition between the roof and the wall of the building, and . Another aspect of this invention is to provide an improved method of manufacturing a composite panel using textured mold inserts, which allow air..

Patent US5664518 - Composite structures and method of making . A composite structure and method of making the composite structure are disclosed. A reinforcing fabric such as fiberglass is mechanically attached, for example, by stitching to a non-woven polyester fabric. The attached fabrics are placed in a mold with the non-woven fabric facing the inside of the mold. A self-expanding..

Patent US20090188180 - Integrated wall system - Google Patents Jul 30, 2009 . A composite wall system includes a foundationless wall substructure such as a sheet piling wall with a base portion embedded in the ground and an exposed portion extending above the ground, and one or . The composite wall system of claim 16 , wherein the fascia panel comprises a synthetic molding

Patent US6668507 - Hurricane resistant precast composite building . Dec 30, 2003 . A precast composite building system usable for walls, roofs, and floors of buildings, comprising a concrete composite panel element having embedded steel I-beams, wire mesh, embed plates, and steel . c) fixedly attaching embedded plates at intervals along the perimeter edge of said walls of said mold;

Patent US20080098676 - Connectors and Methods of Construction . May 1, 2008 . A precast concrete wall panel molding system for fabricating a wall shell and a plurality of ribs and beams. . A prescriptive method building system for composite structural building assemblies with conventional wood and light-gauge steel framing, structural steel, and other building code approved and..

Patent US4691490 - Cementitious modular panel and panel . Sep 8, 1987 . The invention includes composite walls of a plurality of the panels and a building structure employing such composite walls, with an adjacent . nominal wall thickness from 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) to 1 inch (25.4 mm) and a large range in size and shape, which is compatible with the mold and release therefrom

Patent US6309732 - Modular fiber reinforced polymer composite . Oct 30, 2001 . The structural panel component is manufactured using the Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding or pultrusion process. Two structural panel components are joined by placing the components along side each other and using an adhesive along the extensive bonding surface. A mechanical fastener also..

Patent US6202375 - Method for concrete building system using . Mar 20, 2001 . A concrete building system as in claim 1, the plastic connectors further comprising a shaft with mounted heads which hold the connectors in position, snap connections reinforce and hold the outside layer of the composite panel, the shaft may be formed by extrusion, pultrusion, or compression molding, and..

Patent US5473851 - Limestone curtain wall system and method . Dec 12, 1995 . A limestone veneer system for exterior and interior walls of buildings including anchors secured along the foundation, dry wall sheathing, and cornices of the buildings. The anchors engage edge slots in limestone panel and molding members forming the veneer system. Base panels and molding form a..

Patent US20050016095 - Concrete sandwich wall panels and a . Jan 27, 2005 . A fiber composite connector element for production of concrete cavity walls having a shaft with anchorage ends and one or more locating flanges. . However, conventional concrete wall panels are heavy, thus increasing the cost of transporting the panels from the precasting plant to the job site. The large..

Patent US20110011018 - Modular construction mold apparatus and . Jan 20, 2011 . A modular steel-framed construction mold apparatus comprised of a plurality of contiguous foundation, cavity wall and roof deck void spaces defined an

Patent US6151843 - Prefabricated wall panels connecting system . Nov 28, 2000 . While these prefabricated wall panels are superior to traditional block construction in terms of cost, performance and reliability, methods for connecting the panels to each other or to other . The base plates 23 and 25 are bolted into preformed threaded portions molded in the side of wall panels 10 and 12

Patent US6837013 - Lightweight precast concrete wall panel system . Jan 4, 2005 . Such a need to increase the strength of the structural steel members of a building can add significantly to the overall cost of the building. In recent years, several lightweight alternatives to traditional precast concrete wall panels have been used. One such system is commonly known as EIFS (Exterior..

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