paper composite molding


paper composite molding

US5516472 - Google May 14, 1996 . A low-temperature extruder system for forming a composite molded extrudate from a mixture of organic fibrous material and thermoplastic material, comprising: a. a hopper to receive and .. As a consequence, the moisture in the waste paper vaporizes, and the waste paper is dried. At the same time, molten..

IACMI Carbon Fiber Composite Project - Michelman May 26, 2017 . As part of this technical collaboration, researchers at MSU and UDRI will identify cost-effective combinations of fiber sizings from Michelman, resins from Ashland, and carbon fibers from Zoltek that can be used to fabricate prepregs that can be compression-molded into composite parts. The goal is to..

Wicking Tests for Unidirectional Fabrics: Measurements of Capillary . Jan 27, 2017 . Wicking Tests for Unidirectional Fabrics: Measurements of Capillary Parameters to Evaluate Capillary Pressure in Liquid Composite Molding Processes ... All curves are shown after the subtraction of both weights of the external meniscus due to the sample holder and filter paper and are shifted to zero

Patent US6153293 - Extruded wood polymer composite and method . Nov 28, 2000 . cooling said extruded product upon emerging from said molding die; and. cutting the cooled extruded product into desired lengths. 13. A composite extruded artificial lumber product having a surface which is relatively dense, tight-grained and strong, and a center which is relatively more porous and less..

US5034256 - Google Jul 23, 1991 . In either case the lower laminates, honeycomb core and upper laminates are sequentially stacked in the mold. Film and/or paste adhesives are used between the upper and lower laminates and the honeycomb core. The upper and lower laminates may be uncured preimpregnated composite material,..

Patent US8328666 - Fiber composite and process of manufacture . Dec 11, 2012 . For many years, graphite composite sports racquet frames have been produced by manual labor in molds using air injection. In a typical process, .. Permeated ribbon 114 is then wound over a release paper layer 116 secured to the surface of a rotatably mounted drum 118. In accordance with the..

Patent US8313155 - Advanced composite rim having molded in . Nov 20, 2012 . Embodiments of the present invention comprise a composite rim used in spoked wheels, such as bicycle wheels, having molded-in spoke holes . Polishing is typically performed using abrasive grit paper and/or abrasive polishes that are applied by hand or with the assistance of handheld power tools

Patent US20130337711 - Composites having leather-like . - Google Dec 19, 2013 . Most surprisingly, these experiments clearly show that the liquid molding process resulted in composites that were breathable. This occurs by a process where compatible natural fibers soak up the resin leaving micro voids behind in the cured composite matrix which allow gas to permeate while preventing..

Patent US4742164 - Bacterial cellulose-containing molding material . May 3, 1988 . A molding material having high dynamic strength which contains bacterial cellulose having ribbon-shaped microfibrils. Such material is advantageously used as a reinforcing material for composite plastics having high strength, as high quality paper or as acoustic diaphragms for percussion instruments

Patent US8487034 - Melt molding polymer composite and method of . Jul 16, 2013 . The invention relates to a hot melt dispensable polymeric composite and process for making and using the composite. Particulates of adequate particle size are mixed with a polymer that exhibits low viscosities at temperatures typically provided by hot-melt glue guns to form rods that vary significantly in..

Patent WO2015048589A1 - Renewable, biodegradable poly(lactic . Apr 2, 2015 . Preliminary experiments were performed to evaluate the compounding conditions required for composites comprising 30% and 70% microground paper in PLA. Compounds comprising up to 70% paper were made but found difficult to process and mold so that 50% microground paper content in PLA were..

Patent WO2009072914A1 - Cork-polymer composite (cpc) materials . Jun 11, 2009 . Process of production of cork polymer composites, according to claim 1 , characterized by, in said compression moulding technique of said .. in its base composition a complex mixture of non-recyclable materials with polyethylene, paper, polypropylene, among others, where cork could be present or not in..

Patent US6390232 - Speaker cone assembly - Google Patents May 21, 2002 . A speaker cone assembly comprises a felted paper-type cone fabricated of a composite material and a molded surround. The composite cone material contains natural fibers and synthetic fibers, where the synthetic fibers are able to chemically bond to material of the surround, thereby forming an improved..

Patent US2934233 - Composite molded paper pulp egg tray - Google scHwARTzBERG 2,934,233. COMPOSITE MOLDED PAPER PULP EGG TRAY e sheets-sheet i April 26, 1960 Filed July 19. 1956 April 26, 1960 LLLLLLLLLL BRG 2,934,233. April 26, 1960 L. scHwARTzBr-:RG. COMPOSITE MOLDED PAPER PULP EGO TRAY 6 Sheets-Sheet 3 Filed July 19, 1956 4 @O P e NOO www..

Michelman Sells Its Michem Wood Release Product Line . Aug 7, 2017 . . inks, fibers and composites. Michelman is also well-known as an innovator in the development of barrier and functional coatings, as well as digital printing press primers that are used in the production of consumer and industrial packaging and paper products, labels, and commercially printed materials

Patent US20090189320 - Heat vacuum assisted resin transfer . Jul 30, 2009 . A process for forming a composite material using a vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM) process, the improvement comprising subjecting a majority of ... DM411-350 is used in adverse chemical environments, and its applications include chemical processing, pulpwood and paper processing

Patent US20140262088 - Methods of Molding Non-Woven Carbon . Sep 18, 2014 . Methods for making a molded non-woven carbon fiber containing mat are provided, along with the resulting mats. Furthermore, methods are generally provided for using the molded non-woven carbon fiber containing mat to form a molded product, along with the resulting molded products

Krishna M. Pillai - Google Scholar Citations A model for unsaturated flow in woven fiber preforms during mold filling in resin transfer molding. KM Pillai, SG Advani . Modeling the unsaturated flow in liquid composite molding processes: a review and some thoughts. KM Pillai . Darcy's law ased model for wicking in paper ike swelling porous media. R Masoodi, KM..

Patent US7435483 - Process for coating paper, paperboard, and . Oct 14, 2008 . Disclosed are coated fiber-containing articles, including paper, paperboard, and molded fiber, and methods for preparing such articles. A preferred method comprises heating paperboard containing a polymeric binder to a temperature sufficient to remove at least some moisture from the paperboard;..

Michelman DigiPrime 1600 for Paper Mills - Michelman Feb 17, 2016 . Michelman's DigiPrime 1600 is an innovative new HP Indigo ElectroInk receptive primer formulated for use by paper mills. . to enhance performance attributes and add value in applications including wood and floor care products, metal and industrial coatings, paints, varnishes, inks, fibers and composites

Patent US8263205 - Method of molding complex composite parts . Sep 11, 2012 . Layers of unidirectional (UD) fiber prepreg are formed into a pre-plied, multi-directional, continuous fiber laminate that is used as a molding compound to form three dimensional structures. Cut-outs from the laminate are slotted and folded along fold lines to provide near-net-shaped preforms that may be..

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