how to build a corrugated roof over a deck


how to build a corrugated roof over a deck

Patent US6250036 - Sound control system for steel roof decks . Jun 26, 2001 . A steel roof deck diaphragm to provide structural rigidity to a building wherein loads of varying intensity can cause movement of structural members, which . Corrugated sheets of high tensile steel are supported from below and span the distance between purlins, the corrugated sheets having over-lapping..

Expanding my back porch and covering it with a roof. : DIY - Reddit Jun 30, 2016 . Corrugated iron and steel roofing is very common in NZ & Australia as are concrete or clay tile. In 40 years .. Nice work! It isn't as important in this case because you have a roof over the old deck but anytime you reuse existing joists it's best to cover the tops of them in self-adhesive waterproof flashing tape

How to FIBREGLASS A ROOF - How to Fibreglass a Bay Roof DIY . Jan 4, 2013 . For links to fibreglass supplies and additional help please visit..

HDBlogSquad // How to Build a Covered Patio - Brittany Stager Jun 30, 2015 . This step-by-step post will show you how to build a "lean-to" style patio cover just in time for summer. . We opted to use deckboards for our roof vs. plywood; with the ceiling being open and exposed, we would rather see boards than plywood. Since we . Shingles were then installed over the entire roof

Hurricane Safety Lessons Learned From Past Storms | This Old House Permanent Solution: For new construction or additions, the roof should be built to wind-rating codes for your area, with 5/8-inch plywood decking fastened . Strapping: Hurricane straps -inch-wide galvanized-steel ties that extend from the stud to the top plate and over the truss or rafter ie the roof and walls together

Patent US7765756 - Low noise roof deck system - Google Patents Aug 3, 2010 . The roof of a building normally consists of a waterproof outer layer or membrane of roofing material installed over a supporting deck. Skeletal . Steel decking is generally available in the form of corrugated or ribbed panels or sheets that are usually attached to steel framing members by welding. However..

Patent US4453364 - Corrugated steel decking section - Google . Jun 12, 1984 . Improved corrugated steel decking of the type having plural crest surfaces, plural valley surfaces and plural sloping web surfaces connecting each crest . groove and the contiguous valley surface and wherein plural metal deformations in the form of indentations or embossments are provided over the flat..

Three Popular Mobile Home Roof Over Materials This mobile home roof over article goes over the three top material choices for mobile home roof overs for both flat and pitched roofs. . Be sure to get an expert's opinion before you make a decision. If you're set on a shingle roof you come . Otherwise, that heat will flow direct to the roof deck and into the attic. 3) It allows the..

Patent US20070094971 - Suspended deck for liquid natural gas . May 3, 2007 . A non-welded deck used to support insulation from the roof of a low temperature or cryogenic storage tank is disclosed. . However, the time required to construct a welded deck can be lengthy as the deck must be welded together at the work site and welding can be a rather unpredictable process as..

Patent US3320704 - Roof deck and method of construction - Google . 1 and 2, the method of constructing the roof deck shown comprises the steps of welding the box section sub-purlins 11 on top of the purlins 12 to form a grid. Form supports 24 are placed on top of purlins 12, and demountable form elements 26- are placed on top of supports 24 to make a demountable form 25 extending..

An Ordinary Patio Becomes A Beautiful Three-Season Porch Jun 29, 2015 . Oh my goodness! How beautiful! We would like to put a pergola over deck. I showed my husband the clear corrugated roof panels. His question is would these panels stand up to a snow load, as we live in Northeast PA. We would angle the pergola pretty much the same way they did, instead of making it flat..

Patent US4736561 - Roof deck construction - Google Patents Apr 12, 1988 . A method of building a roof wherein a horizontally disposed roof deck assembly is formed comprising: a sheet of corrugated steel material, preferably . The roof deck of claim 2 wherein said mechanical fasteners are positioned at spaced locations over the surface of the sheet of mineral board such that..

Picnic shelter roof plans | HowToSpecialist - How to Build, Step by . This is PART 2 of the picnic shelter project, so make sure you take a look over the first part, to learn more about building the frame. Follow the building codes and hire a . You have several alternatives when building the roof, as you can install slats, asphalt shingles or corrugated metal sheets. Fit decorative trims to the sides..

Build a BIG Outdoor Storage Bench | Home Repair Tutor I'm going to show you how to build an awesome outdoor storage bench. You'll instantly have a place to store seat cushions, toys, tools, etc. Remarkable!!Building Our Modern Treehouse (+ Slanted Roof) | merrypad Aug 6, 2014 . Our modern treehouse is complete, with the finished railings, ladders, and slanted roof installed. . We attached the 3 wide balusters with 1-1/2 deck screws by starting in the center, and working outwards, using a spare baluster as a spacer. . Polycarbonate and corrugated roofing options at Lowe's

A. Porch Roof Components - CCC Project Manual - Google Sites This is the easiest and most structurally sound method of building/anchoring the porch roof. Intermediate Posts: . If possible, some or all of these screws should penetrate the porch frame, not just the porch decking. . Attach tin roofing to purlins with 2 陆 tin roofing nails which have a small rubber gasket near the nail head

Yawning over your Awning? DIY Awnings on the Cheap - Home . Mar 24, 2014 . The good news for us was that we already had a stash of materials and it cost us practically nothing to build two wood frame/metal roof awnings. . galvanized exterior decking screws, we painted the 2 4's after we cut them and assembled the basic A-frame that would serve to hold up the roofing material for..

Patent US7143555 - Hybrid precast concrete and metal deck floor . Dec 5, 2006 . In one implementation of the present invention, corrugated metal deck panels are attached to concrete structural beams to form a precast panel. . of the floor slab in its construction, placing the element(s) on structural supports and casting a thin topping slab over the slab portion for the final finished floor

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