outdoor air conditioner screen enclosure


outdoor air conditioner screen enclosure

Patent US2363294 - Air conditioning system - Google Patents The primary air preferably comprises outdoor air, and since in carrying out the invention it is preferred to use approximately one part of primary air for each four parts of secondary air supplied to each conditioned enclosure, adequate ventilation of the enclosures served by the system is thus assured. These and other..

Patent US2475841 - Air conditioning unit - Google Patents 02-120) My invention relates toan air conditioning unit adapted to be positioned upon, and supported by and to extend through the top wall of any room or compartment. and when so supported to be held in a vertical position, with part of the unit outside of the wall and part the unit extending below the top wall into the..

Patent US20140083661 - Computer room air conditioning unit . Mar 27, 2014 . An air conditioning unit as in claim 1 wherein a bypass air intake is provided in an upper region of the enclosure, such that air entering the bypass air intake from outside the enclosure will flow downward within the second chamber so as to mix with air flowing into the second chamber after passing through..

Patent US5775408 - Integrated gas fireplace and air conditioner . Jul 7, 1998 . Novel vent adapters are connected to the rear of the units for connecting them to a source of outside combustion and cooling air to effect high efficiency . A combined air conditioner/fireplace unit as set forth in claim 1 wherein said prefabricated enclosure comprises a support shelf between said upper and..

Patent US4727728 - Bus air conditioning unit for roof top mounting . Mar 1, 1988 . means for attaching said sections together to form the unit with said air conditioning and condenser sections spaced apart to provide a generally central part of said unit which is upwardly open over an area sufficiently extensive to provide standing room on said roof for a person to permit working on the unit..

Patent US20120125027 - Evaporative Pre-cooler Residential Air . May 24, 2012 . Evaporative Pre-cooler Residential Air Conditioning Condenser Coil US 20120125027 A1. Abstract. An evaporative pre-cooling system for increasing the efficiency of a residential air conditioner condensing unit utilizing a wet medium in contact with low velocity moving air allowing evaporation to occur..

Patent US20130047641 - Evaporative condenser cooling unit and . Feb 28, 2013 . An evaporative condenser cooling unit for evaporatively cooling the intake air delivered to inlet openings of an air conditioner condenser unit, ... 9A-9C are views of an embodiment of a wall panel of the condenser enclosure having barometric dampers and animal protectant screens installed therein. [0021]

DIY Wood Screen To Hide A Utility Box - Homestead & Survival Aug 17, 2015 . A utility box or meter on the side of your house does not need to be a necessary eyesore. You can make a wood screen to hide a utility box as a DIY project

Summer Sound Series: Loud A/C Units - Acoustical Surfaces Jun 7, 2013 . While it's difficult to reduce the vibration energy that is being transmitted into the house from the air conditioning unit, there are a few things that we . Third, we have our exterior grade quilted fiberglass absorbers, which are used to absorb the reflections from a concrete enclosure or from off of a building

Air Conditioner Screen Plans | MyOutdoorPlans | Free Woodworking . This step by step diy woodworking project is about air conditioner screen plans. The project features instructions for building a nice air conditioner screen

How to Hide an Outdoor AC Unit - My Frugal Adventures Apr 25, 2016 . How to Hide an Outdoor AC Unit . We actually have both- a huge pool equipment unit smack in the middle of the yard and an AC unit right under the kitchen window. . We replaced the AC unit once last year and the repairman actually mentioned the shaded enclosure helps the unit run more efficiently

Vinyl Lattice Panels | Black Lattice Panels | Privacy Lattice Panels Porch Skirting | Porch Railings | Exterior House Trim | Lattice Privacy Screen | Lattice Fence Design | Concealment | Porch Enclosures and Covers | Garden Lattice .. Air conditioning units, pool pumps, meters, storage areas under stairs, or even compost piles can be easily concealed with custom designed panels. custom..

Hamptons Homes Blur the Line Between Inside and Out - The New . Jul 14, 2017 . From $50 million mansions to more modest homes, the focus is on outdoor spaces that blend seamlessly with the living room

11 DIY AC Unit Covers That Are Easy To Make - Shelterness Aug 12, 2016 . Here, we've prepared some DIYs for you to cover the outdoor AC unit and get a decent look. They mostly are . The third craft is made of lumber, and it's big enough to cover not only an AC unit but also pool equipment. Build a box of . DIY lumber box for pool equipment and AC unit (via ashadeofteal.com)

How to Hide The Air Conditioner Unit With Style - DesignRulz Jul 17, 2017 . The air conditioner is an essential element of your contemporary home, but it's not something you want front and center. Fortunately, there are plenty of clever ways to cover an AC unit and add instant curb appeal. Explore our favorite collection for AC unit enclosures, walls, and screens below. Some of..

Patent US8357031 - Outdoor air conditioner cover assembly . Jan 22, 2013 . This invention is a modular all-season air conditioner cover (for ground supported or window supported A/C units). The cover includes fixed side wall intake air louvers interleaved around the main cover assembly side walls to shield the air condition unit from the outdoor elements without restricting intake..

Patent US5088295 - Air conditioner with dehumidification mode . Feb 18, 1992 . In that mode, a portion of the hot refrigerant exiting the compressor discharge bypasses the outside condenser and flows through the inside heater. . temperature of the inlet air. The invention is particularly suited to room air conditioner applications but may be used in other types of air conditioning systems

Patent US5560216 - Combination air conditioner and pool heater . Oct 1, 1996 . A combination air conditioner and swimming pool heater utilizing a conventional air conditioning system for a house and a conventional outdoor .. The Doctor patent shows an indoor swimming pool and an air conditioning unit which is capable of heating or cooling the air in an enclosure and which is also..

Patent US6138993 - Protection screen for condenser unit - Google . Oct 31, 2000 . A protection screen for a condenser unit of an air conditioning or heat pump system utilizes a plurality of screen panels to form a protective enclosure about the periphery of the condenser unit. The protection screen is self-supporting and is spaced a sufficient distance from the condenser unit to provide an..

Patent US2961844 - Air conditioning system with reheating means . AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM WITH REHEATING MEANS William L. McGrath, Syracuse, N.Y., assignor to Carrier Corporation, Syracuse, N.Y.,. a corporation of Delaware Filed May 2,

These Ideas for Outdoor Screens Prove Privacy Can Be Beautiful Nov 7, 2016 . To more fully conceal an outdoor shower, the designers of this Woodside, California, backyard planted fragrant pink jasmine (Jasminum polyanthum, zones 8 to 10) to fill in the gaps in the lattice. The spaces between the wood slats allow air to move freely and light to filter through to help dry the area after a..

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